Since the start of the 21st century, the idea of IT has shifted. Now, IT is not all about desktop computers or being able to search for websites on the internet. Because of innovations and technological evolution, the concept of IT has evolved significantly. Now, IT is more of programming, security, engineering, and much more. As an organization or a business, it is very important to know and understand the different types of IT security singapore. There are many types of IT security types according to different IT experts.

As IT networks continue to expand, there will be more types of IT security that will emerge. There are three major types of IT security that you should know of. They include End-point, Network security, and internet security. Internet security is also known as cybersecurity. Other types of IT security can fall under the umbrella of the three mentioned IT security.

Network security is simply the interaction of various devices on a network, End-point security focuses on device involvement and lastly, we have internet security which focuses on cybersecurity. Cybersecurity falls under the transition of information. If your business or company is digitalized, you need to understand all this.