When it comes down to finding a way to power demanding devices and machines like cars and appliances, we often have to rely on getting energy straight from the source or through heavy-duty batteries. Heavy-duty batteries are different from the standard batteries we see being used for simple things such as tv remotes or clocks as they can generate a sizable amount of electrical current over time.

The strength of the electrical currents is what categorizes these batteries as heavy-duty ones, as they are used to power complex devices. A 12V deep cycle lithium battery is an example of these heavy-duty batteries and is a good investment if you have been eyeing getting one for various purposes. Although there are many other heavy-duty batteries, deep cycle batteries are one of the most popular choices available. It comes with many benefits that other batteries, like car batteries, can’t offer.

If you consider getting a heavy-duty battery, consider getting a deep cycle battery. They come with many benefits that make them significantly better and more practical than other batteries.

Low Self-Discharge Rate

One of the most significant advantages of owning a deep cycle battery from other heavy-duty batteries is its significantly low discharge rate. Their low discharge rate translates to longer battery life and the ability to hold their charge for an extended period.

A common issue that many batteries share is that they often lose the ability to hold a charge after a few charge cycles properly. A deep cycle battery doesn’t have this problem as they only lose about 1-2% of their charge every month if they aren’t being used. This guarantees that the battery will always be at optimal charge levels at any given moment.

No Maintenance Costs and Lightweight

A neat feature of deep cycle batteries is low maintenance compared to other heavy-duty batteries. They don’t require that much maintenance and upkeep to be in top condition while also one of the most durable batteries.

They are easier to keep and look after. Still, they are also significantly lighter than other heavy-duty batteries allowing you the ability to bring them around without worrying about their weight. This lets you bring it on outdoor outings where you might need portable electricity to charge your devices or power on appliances.

Better Performance 

Compared to other batteries, deep cycle batteries have a better performance overall. Despite not being able to generate the same amount of electrical output as a car battery, they can still produce similar electrical outputs with the added advantage of it not degrading in quality over an extended period.

Deep cycle batteries are incredibly versatile as they can be made for devices and appliances with high voltage requirements without any decrease in performance. They also have a better time dealing with extreme temperatures allowing them to have the same performance in extreme heat or cold.